" A journey of art through the imagination of friends."

Blog request chime in

Blog request chime in…..

Do people read and or follow blogs???? What is the age group of those who do?

– New thought……Crafts that are old or ones that you just came up with to solve a problem. Please submit.

Watch for more posts starting April 13, 2015.

New chapter, new work, new links!


I want to be able….

Do you think there is a need for an art store? Kind of like a pin-trest but where you can buy ART.

Art: it runs in the family

Peace on Earth

Happy New Year to all. Stay crafty my friends.

Make it! a new begining

Even though the holidays are here there is still time to make a gift. If you are like me, I am NO baker. Dig into that fabric/felt box and grab some ribbon. Everyone can use a small decoration to brighten up the dark winter months ahead.

And so it goes

Almost a year has gone by and there have been several wonderful finds.

To train cats use a squirt gun you will have better aim and further reach than a spray bottle. If the cats are eating your plants put the plants in a bird cage. To keep those post-earrings in order use a piece of Styrofoam. To keep your sanity stay close to your friends, they can keep you grounded.

Blessings for a Happy New Year.